The following (and all Innate Diet protocol and information) are from Dr. James Chestnuts work in the Eat Well, Think Well, Move Well protocol of his Wellness Practice. This in particular is from his book “The Innate Diet (TM) & Hygiene”.

The Innate Diet (TM) – Transition and Implementation Strategies

Remember, the goal is health, not wight loss, fewer chins, being able to see your toes, less pain, less gas, less fatigue, etc.

Looking great or terrible, having high energy or constant fatigue, having high sex drive or no sex drive, sleeping well or not sleeping well, being happy and well or being depressed and sick are all just the natural consequences of being healthy or unhealthy.

Health is the goal, feeling, looking and performing great are just the natural side effects.

The first step is to have the correct goal, you need to know where you want to go before you can ever get there.

Always think slow constant improvement. Don’t make promises you wont keep. Saying you will never eat junk food again is unrealistic for most and besides it is a NEGATIVE GOAL, not a positive goal.

Never start by focusing on what you are NOT going to eat; always focus on what you ARE going to eat.
Also, always understand that there is no “can’t” or “have to”, only “choosing”.

You can eat 20 candy bars a day if you choose, you are changing your diet because you choose to, not because you have to. Get this concept ingrained from the beginning.