The Innate Diet (TM) Golden Rules

  1. Eat fresh food, not industrial products. Eat what God or Mother Nature provides in the for its is provided.
  2. Eat some raw fruits or vegetables with EVERY MEAL. They contain wonderful digestive enzymes as well as a plethora of wonderful nutrients. Fruits and veggies should make up 70% of your meals (fruit in the morning – veggies more in the afternoon and evening).
  3. Drink nothing other than clean water. Do not drink water with your meal. This habit comes from eating processed foods that have no water content in them and not chewing your food properly. Take small bites, chew to a pulp, and swallow with ease.
  4. Slow cook your lean, grass fed meat and cook it thoroughly.
  5. Eat at home or pack home made lunches, etc.
  6. Get the right tools of the healthy eating trade. Get a food processor, a slow cooker, a vegetable steamer, a juicer, and some quality food storage containers (preferably glass). Use stainless steel pots and pans not non-stick. If you are frying something use an organic heat tolerant oil for non-stick effect (sesame oil, almond oil) or some organic raw butter.
  7. enjoy your meals and eat frequent small meals rather than infrequent large meals. Food is supposed to be enjoyed and appreciated, it is just NOT supposed to be a source of emotional comfort or emotional reward.
    Don’t shop hungry! The nutritional decisions that determine your health are made at the grocery store. If the “bad” foods don’t get purchased they don’t get eaten! Take pride in going to the cashier with a cart full of healthy food for you and your family and take the opportunity to be a leader and inspiration to others.
  8. Don’t judge your dietary choices based on the food guide, your neighbor or your coworker. Evaluate your food choices based on what your cells need (i.e. what your ancient, healthy ancestors ate – The Innate Diet(TM)).
  9. NEVER feel guilty about a food choice. Guilt will NEVER serve you well. Evaluate your food choices honestly but without personal character judgment. ALWAYS just look forward to your next meal as a chance to improve your eating habits and your health