The vertebral subluxation complex(VSC) represents dis-ease but is not the cause of all dis-ease. There are multiple causes for dis-ease as well as the VSC. There is never only one cause for disease or the VSC. These stresses come from without as well as within.

These stressors include, but are not limited to; unhealthy food, unhealthy thoughts, the lack of exercise, VSC, etc. And no two people’s bodies respond the same to the same stressors. Nor do they respond to the same interventions the same. When these stressors are introduced to the body the disrupt the normal function of body, which is to maintain a homeostatic environment.

The human being only exists because every cell in the human body is functioning together to create a homeostatic environment. The medical profession treats the human body as separate parts functioning individually, when in fact if there is disease in one part of the body it effects the rest of the body.

The chiropractic profession restores proper function by removing interference and providing essential ingredients. These essential ingredients are necessary for the proper somatosensory (relating to or denoting a sensation (pain, pressure, warmth, etc.…)that occurs anywhere in the body, in contrast to on localized at sense organs,(such as sight, balance or taste), input into the cerebellar-cortical loops of life. This is essential for proper mind-body function & health & proper spinal joint motion & alignment. These are all essential for proper somatosensory afferent input.

Chiropractic does not treat symptoms or dis-ease, it removes interference and provides proper function for health and wellness. The Chiropractic lifestyle not only deals with the proper spinal alignment, but it also addresses; Nutrition, exercise, stress relief and positive thinking strategies to help people achieve wellness. It never has been nor ever will be about treating disease and symptoms. That is a paradigm that is failing miserably.

When proper natural ingredients needed are provided to the self-regulating, self-healing organism (the human body) and all interferences to its natural abilities are removed, the result is health and healing within the genetic limits of the human being.

This is Chiropractic’s gift to an over diseased, over medicated, over surgeried and over suffering world.

Dr. David McDonald
{The premise of this article is from the writings of Dr. James Chestnut}