Health and our lifestyles are ultimately our responsibility and we need to own up to this. We need to quit blaming our genetics, which by the way have changed .02% in the last 40,000+ years, and realize our health today is nothing more than the nutrient choices we made in the past. That donut or bagel and cream cheese we choose over a piece of fruit in the morning is akin to choosing poison over a healthy supplement. 

If I were to tell a parent the Frosted Flakes they were feeding their children was poison and would lead to future issues, such as (but not limited to), diabetes, ADHD and yes, cancer, do you think that parent would continue to buy and feed their children this. And yet we continue to feed our children these horrific nutrient deficient and genetically incongruent “food”. And it is not bad enough that we feed them this sugar with a little bit of grains(which by the way are bad for you), we cover it with milk. I know, we are suppose to drink milk and consume dairy products. Wait,… this is not true, it is nothing more than a great marketing plan/strategy put out by the dairy industry. I know, I have no idea what I’m saying, but wait….. How many animals continue to drink milk after they are weened? Oh, and how many drink the milk of another species? What??? None??? That can’t be! OK, a little too much sarcasm, but that is who I am. Milk(any), other species, is not congruent with our genetics, which will lead to health issues in the future if consumed. It is not what our bodies are designed to function on. Yes, we can utilize it, but at what cost. I think we are seeing those cost with the increase in chronic health issues in today’s society. Now, milk is not the only culprit, it’s fast food, grains, sugars, etc.. If we don’t come to understand this and continue to perpetuate it is our genes and/or bad luck, we are destined to see health issues in the future continue to get worse and our money spent on “health care” continue rise exponentially. And with no results.

I don’t care personally what kind of nutritional decision you make, you are the one who has to live with your decisions. I am only trying to let you know the information you have received in the past concerning your dietary needs, may not be entirely accurate. Don’t just take what I have said here as gospel truth, please go out and investigate this for yourselves.

I suggest Dr. James Chestnut’s( and Dr. Mercola’s( websites as a start. They don’t just tell you what is healthy for you, they give you the research data to back it up.

Life is truly what you make of it. And your health today is a result of the choices you have made in the past. But you can change that by making better decisions from this moment on.

God bless and good health.

Dr. Dave McDonald

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