Cholesterol, the myth


I have many patients in my practice that are taking statin drugs for “high” cholesterol. They are doing this under the instructions of their MD’s, who, I believe, have their best interests at heart. However, the lowering of the bodies cholesterol by means of manipulation and thus creating a drug induced homeostasis (continual balance), is nowhere near the same as a normal homeostasis.

Many, if not all, patients are told there is bad and good cholesterol. But unfortunately your body only makes one kind of cholesterol. The so called “good” cholesterol is actually a protein that is nothing more than a transport mechanism to return the cholesterol back to the liver (HDL = High Density Lipoprotein). And the so called “bad” protein is actually a, you guessed it, protein that transports the cholesterol to the designated point of destination in the body (LDL = Low Density Lipoprotein).So the myth is that statin drugs lower cholesterol. This is not true because it actually decreases the amount of HDL released by the liver that is destined to go somewhere in the body. So it is actually a liver drug. So at this point one should be asking where the cholesterol is going to, because whatever was needing that cholesterol is now not going to be able to function.

Cholesterol is one of the most important things produced by our bodies. It has vast number of functions in the body that depend on it to function correctly. I will mention a couple here to make my point, but I invite you to google cholesterol and its function in the body. Every cell in the body uses it.

Cholesterol is used, for instance, in the production of hormones. And yes, every hormone in the body requires cholesterol in order to be produced. Hormones are needed to carry out specific necessary duties required by our bodies to maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis is required by the body to function at it’s maximal level of efficiency. If, for any reason, the body’s continual balance sways from center, there will more than likely be significant negative results if the body’s issues are not resolved (repaired) within a certain time frame.The human body does not make mistakes. If there is high amounts of cholesterol in the blood, it is there for a reason. Wouldn’t it make more sense to figure out why it is high and address that than just start chemically  manipulating it. There are many reasons why the cholesterol levels would be high, and stress is one of them. Women will see elevations in their cholesterol levels during certain times of their menstrual cycles. And when did the liver start producing things that are bad for us? One thing I no for sure, the cholesterol being high in any individual is NOT do to the bodies lack of statin drugs.So, if your doctor tells you, you have high cholesterol, ask him/her why? If they tell you, you need to take it because it will prevent a heart attack, I can show you studies that prove, lower cholesterol levels in people actually precipitates heart attacks more than those with high cholesterol. There is no correlation between high cholesterol levels and heart disease. As a matter of fact, if you are taking statin drugs, the levels of Coenzyme Q10 are being depleted. This is important because CoQ10 is needed for muscle production and maintenance. What is your heart made of? Oh yea, muscle.So my advice would be to figure out why the cholesterol is high and address it in that manner. To me it just makes good sense.But please don’t just take my word, please go and research this yourself.

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